We also undertake Ecological "Walk over"  (Phase 1) surveys of land for development, Reptile and tree surveys as well as Bat surveys of Commercial, Agricultural and domestic buildings and sites. We're not hard-core beardy weirdies with know it all attitudes  but normal down to earth people who understand that you want to improve your buildings for good reasons - We'll help you to achieve your goals by carefully planning and compensating for the possible loss of roosting space.

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I&G Ecological Consulting Ltd

A simple scoping (basic) report can often be all that's needed on a building with negligible bat potential but if any signs of bat activity are found then a "Full bat activity survey" will need to be undertaken...this consists of a Dawn and Dusk Survey and using bat detectors to identify activity levels and species.

If you do have a roost and still need to improve your property in a way that  is likely to disturb or harm a bat or it's resting place then a European Protected Species Licence will be required - we can undertake the application for you to help you to secure a development licence and help to make it as painless and non-bureaucratic as possible.

A recently installed design of bat roost where the skilled builders built it out of timbers on site ...so popular it was visited by bats other than the ones we wanted to rehouse.

We undertake ecological and bat surveys across all of Wales and we also hold a English bat license to undertake work  on the other side of the Severn Bridge.

We offer very competitive prices based upon property size and type.

The bat season now starts on 1st May (depending on the weather and temperatures) and finishes at the end of September (again, depending on the weather and temperatures). So book us as soon as you know you'll need a survey. You're likely to need a bat survey if your property is  made of stone with a slate roof and you wish to add an extension. If your property is near a stream or river or located near a woodland, you're likely to be asked for a bat survey too.

We are a small, friendly and experienced company; licenced and qualified to undertake bat surveys. We regularly work with farmers, architects, surveyors, builders and anyone else who needs ecological advice and surveys. We've been producing ecological & bat reports for nearly a decade and undertake a great many a year and have worked with many others in the field too.

We're known for our no nonsense, pragmatic approach and respect the humans as much as nature! We will also help you gain a EPS development licence should bats be found and keep you on the straight and narrow to ensure the licence terms are adhered to!